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The Auburn Bike Park is located on 9 acres overlooking the scenic American River Canyon. The park is designed for riders of all abilities and ages, helping to build skills while having fun! ARD partnered with world-renowned trail builder and local, Randy Spangler and our local nonprofit, the Auburn Trails Alliance, to design and build the park.

The park is free and open daily from dawn to dusk as weather and trail conditions allow. For updates, see the Auburn Bike Park Facebook and Instagram pages or visit the ARD Facilities Page.

The Auburn Bike Park fits into Auburn’s active community and gives youth and families an opportunity to get outside and ride together! The Auburn Bike Park is a place where young and old can ride bikes while building fitness and skills in a safe environment. Bike parks are one of the fastest-growing recreational activities in the nation, a place where riding and spectating is a community affair.

Check out these great amenities at the Auburn Bike Park:

“A-Town” Trail to Strider and Pump Tracks: This two-way trail is for all skill levels connecting riders between the parking lot and the strider/pump track. This trail offers great practice on switchback turns!

“The Pandemic” Trail: This advanced trail is a steep shortcut to the starting mound of the pump track. Built and opened during the Great Pandemic of 2020!

“Tyke’s Turns” Track: Designed for riders under the age of 5 who are learning to ride, often on a bike without pedals so they can learn to balance first. 

The “Down Low” Pump Track: This pump track will get your heart pumping! Featuring a series of rollers/mounds and banked turns (aka “berms”), the pump track is designed to help riders improve their bike handling skills by “pumping” with their arms and legs through the course without pedaling. The course is designed to be ridden twice and in two directions. 

The “Itchy-Scratchy” Trail: Named in honor of the dreaded plant for which this trail was previously covered in, this trail is a two-parter with a split personality. The upper section is more advanced with rocks to test your technical prowess. Just after the fire road crossing, the trail mellows out and is great for beginner riders, settling into a rock-free flow trail that shoots riders towards the pump track. 

“C-Me Flow” Trail:  At quarter-mile of rollercoaster-like fun! This trail provides the full spectrum of mountain biking experience, featuring table tops, a gap jump and other punchy jumps. Designed for intermediate to advanced riders.

“The Equalizer” Dual Slalom: The dual slalom is located near the parking lot and features rollers and bermed turns designed to test one’s gravity and speed. This is an ADVANCED course due to its steepness (at a 12% grade) and challenging rollers. This track allows for two riders at a time to race to the bottom or take a more leisurely approach and gap as many doubles as you can! Intermediate riders may ride at reduced speeds. Make sure seat posts are down for this course!


  • Before riding, make sure to “pre-ride” the track, trails or course as a slower speed, so that you get a feel for the terrain and to check that it’s clear of obstacles. Natural terrain courses are always subject to changes at any given moment. 
  • Please do NOT ride over the berms, and do not “roost” or skid the tops of the berms as this means we have to close the track and make repairs.
  • Parental supervision is strongly recommended.
  • Please respect closures due to weather. Riding on wet trails will cause damage.


Auburn Bike Park | Rules

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Auburn Bike Park | Rules

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