Auburn Bike Park Rules

  • Ride in control and ride within your ability at all times.
  • Be aware of and respect other riders, bystanders and our neighbors. No loud or vulgar language is permitted.
  • Helmets are required for riders at all times. Elbow, knee pads and other protective equipment are strongly recommended to be used by riders.
  • Riders must stay on the bike park trails and designated bike park features.
  • No hiking or walking is allowed on the bike park trails, tracks or jump areas.
  • All dogs must be leashed. No dogs are allowed on bike park trails, tracks or jumps.
  • Respect soils, vegetation and wildlife. No digging or changing bike park trails.
  • Pay attention to all “Trail Closed” signs and follow the rules of all directional and informational signs.
  • The bike park is closed when the soil is wet, muddy or damp. Do not ride park in wet conditions as this can cause excessive wear or rutting which may result in dangerous conditions. Please visit the Auburn Recreation District (ARD) website at and click on “Fields” icon for updated information on bike park conditions, to make a donation or to find other park site information.
  •  No motorized vehicles, including remote control cars/trucks, are allowed.
  • No glass bottles are allowed.
  • No alcohol is allowed without a permit from Auburn Recreation District.
  • No barbeques or open flame is allowed.
  • Dispose of all track into the trash receptacles provided.
  • No amplified voice or music shall be allowed or used within the bike park except under a Special Event Permit issued by the Auburn Recreation District.

Failure to follow the rules may result can result in removal from the park. Please provide friendly reminders to anyone you see breaking any rules. It is the responsibility of all users and visitors to read and adhere to these rules.

Note: Orange barriers indicate trail is closed. Please respect all trail closures.

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