The Auburn Bike Park Committee
The Auburn Bike Park Committee is a group of local residents, business owners, cyclists and cycling advocates coordinating the effort to bring a bike park to Auburn. The Auburn Bike Park Project is a partnership between the Auburn Area Recreation and Park District (ARD) and the Auburn Bike Park Committee. Our efforts to bring a bike park to Auburn are well under way and we are working with the community of families and bicycle enthusiasts to make The Auburn Bike Park a reality.

Our goal is to create a bike park that compliments Auburn’s active community and create opportunities for kids and families to get outside and play. Bike parks are one of the fastest-growing recreational activities in the nation and are already present in forward thinking communities like Folsom, Truckee and Rancho Murieta. The Auburn Bike Park will provide a place where young and old can ride bikes while building fitness and skills in a safe environment. The Auburn Bike Park will be a venue where riding and spectating can be a community affair.

What is a pump track?
In simple terms it is a short series of bumps and turns where riders complete laps along a dirt course. Pump tracks allow riders to learn how to interact with their bikes and the terrain. Riders learn they can use their whole bodies to control their bikes, which ultimately gives them more skill, more confidence, more power, and more safety when riding. Who can ride a pump track? Pump tracks are designed for all levels of riders, including little tykes just learning to ride a bike, and for current riders who want to brush up on their skills. Riders can roll or glide over bumps, and can choose different paths within the track best suited to their skills.

What is a Skills Area?
A skills park provides the opportunity for mountain bikers of all levels of experience to develop a range of skills including bike handling, balancing, jumping and turning. The Auburn Skills area will be incorporated into its location’s natural surroundings to follow the natural contour of the landscape. Skills areas include features like jump trails, cross country trails, drop zone, progressive tabletop jumps, balance training features, XC short tracks, and much more. They can include dirt features, man-made (cut) wooden features, natural wooden features, and rock features. They are becoming more and more popular as people realize the skill-building fun and health-promoting exercise they provide.

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