The Auburn Bike Park would not be possible without the generous support of our community! As we complete Phase I we are actively fundraising to complete Phase II and ensure on-going support for maintenance and repairs.

Phase II seeks to add these great new features:

  • Jump Lines: The jumps will be a natural progression from the pump track, with three different lines for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders, and will feature wooden ramps and a wooden return wall back to the starting mound.
  • Skillz Loop: This will be a less-difficult trail that offers riders an option to try some challenging but fun features along the way, such as riding on “skinny” wooden tracks and over rock features.

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Cash Donation

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Make a cash donation less than $500 and help maintain and grow the Auburn Bike Park.

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Donor Wall Plaque

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Make a donation greater than $500 to the Auburn Bike Park and have your name or business immortalized in the park!

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