What kind of bike do I need for the bike park?
Almost any kind of bike designed to ride on dirt trails will work. These include: downhill mountain bike, cross country mountain bike, pump track bike, or BMX bike. Ideally, your bike should have the ability to lower the seat, either with a wrench or seat dropper, so that it doesn’t interfere with riding while you’re maneuvering. For little kids, a strider bike works great! Bikes we do not recommend: gravel bike, road bike, street cruiser. 

Can I ride an ebike? 
Yes, a Class 1 ebike is allowed, Class 2 or 3 are not allowed. 

Are one-wheel’s, electric unicycles, mountain boards, off-road skateboards or electric long-boards allowed?
No, just bikes. Note that we will allow modified bikes for persons with disabilities.

What amenities are at/near the Bike Park?
One port-a-pottie with a wash station is located in the parking lot. Drinking fountains will be installed once we are cleared by public health officials. Within a 10-minute drive enjoy great Auburn local eateries including the Auburn Alehouse! 

Can I ride the pump track when the sprinklers are turned on?
No, please stay off the track when sprinklers are turned on, which is usually only for 5 minutes, and give it another 5 minutes to dry a bit. 

Why do you water the pump track and other tracks?
To keep the dust to a minimal and the dirt on the track and help keep the dirt packed down.

When do you water? 
Water times vary during the seasons. The dual slalom and other tracks are usually deep-watered either early morning or late evening and may be closed during watering.

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