Money or Materials! All donations are tax-deductible.

Phase I is currently estimated to cost about $50,000 to build – through a combination of cash, materials and volunteer builders. We’re working with IMBA Trail Solutions and expert skills trail builder Randy Spangler (an Auburn local!) from design to build. Once we have the site and the design, we’ll be able to nail down our actual costs.

Monetary donations go to the “Friends of ARD” which is a nonprofit arm of the ARD. All donations (Visa or Mastercard) can be made on-line.

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If you want to send a check (the old fashioned way!) contact us for details on sending checks.

Donations are gladly accepted for fencing/fencing installation, fencing, dirt, trucks to transport dirt and other materials, machinery rentals (i.e. small bobcats, etc.) shovels, rakes, etc. Please contact us to donate materials.

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